Holy S**t!  Stories of recovery from fundamentalism.   

For a while now, my family and I have talked about writing a book about our experiences with, and subsequent recoveries from, fundamentalism (Christianity in our case).  This site is a “rough draft” of those stories.  Our hope is that those who may be still caught up in and those who have escaped from fundamentalist belief systems will find hope and comaradarie in these posts.  As always please feel free to comment, but do so in a respectful manner as no doubt many will find the topics we cover to be controversial at times.  Any reposting or copying of these posts is only allowed with the consent of the authors.  


4 thoughts on “Holy S**t!  Stories of recovery from fundamentalism.   ”

  1. Joel and David,

    I am am truly pleased that you have found peace and release from what can be a system of thought that is fully self focused and detrimental to understanding who and whose we are, including our uniqueness and our unique strengths. I pray that you continue in this journey as many great thinkers (Luther, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Boheoffer, Sorenson Kierkegaard, and Bono among others) have walked this path, truly seeking the essence of God, being turned from a fundamentalist and legalistic understanding to the full and freeing release of a true Gospel. As Bono, my personal life coach for many years (only somewhat tongue in cheek) says, “Grace…it’s a name for a girl. It’s an idea that changed the world.” Welcome to the struggle!

    1. Matthew,
      Thanks so much for the feedback. Looking forward to hearing your insights on other posts!


  2. Dave,

    As long as I’ve known you, I’ve admired your analytical nature. I relish the chance to read what you and Joel have to say, given our shared educational environment and its contribution to our respective belief sets.

    Thanks for your candor!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Wes. It is awesome to hear from you and I will certainly value your input as I have always known you to be a thoughtful and caring person. I hope you are well and would love to hear more about your journey as well!

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