We Are Enough

You are enough, I am enough, just the way we are. In fundamentalism, love comes with pre-conditions… God loves you, BUT you are going to hell if you don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God and the only true way to heaven… oh and also you need to witness to everyone around you because it is up to you to save them (well God, really, you can’t do sh*t right by yourself, but still you need to tell them about God and how much he LOVES them)… also make sure you go to Church, pray every day, watch your mouth, don’t get mad, and DEFINITELY don’t have pre-marital sex or, gasp, be gay. WHEW… but other than that (and lots and lots of other rules that I could list but would take up multiple blogs) you are fine.

What if there were no requirements for love? What if we were good enough, just the way we are? Is that such a radical concept? What a relief it would be to know that no matter what, we were okay. I don’t think that it is asking too much of a supposedly all loving, all knowing, benevolent God (if you believe in one), or from each other, to acknowledge that this life is really hard and that we, for the most part, are doing the best we can. We have to deal with enough bullshit without having to worry about whether or not we are doing enough to please God in addition to our bosses, our co-workers, our friends, our Twitter followers, our Yelp! reviewers, our Facebook followers, etc., etc. It’s no wonder that we are as stressed out as we are and never feel like enough because there are, quite frankly, very few places left (if any for some) to feel loved without judgement… and if we can’t count on God to be there for us no matter what, then where does that leave us? Surely we, and God, can do better.

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