Holy S**t! is the product of a discussion that my brother Joel and I have been having for a long time about our desire to write about our experiences both growing up in, and our escape from, fundamentalism.  Originally conceived as a book, we realized that so many of our writings were not organized and somewhat disjointed that it made more sense to, for the time being, start the proverbial blog.  Hopefully this serves as an inspiration for those who might still be struggling with the confines of a fundamentalist system, or for those who have escaped but still desire to connect with others with similar experiences.  While our particular brand of fundamentalism is Christian, there are common themes and issues that span many ideologies and belief systems so our hope is that the discussion will not be confined to Christianity.  May this find you hopeful and with the realization that you are not alone, and though it may not seem so at times, there is hope for a more expansive, less toxic way of thinking and believing.

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